#crapcooking 5 nutty veggie textured gnocchi 

So I had gnocchi a few times in the past but I never made it before and this time I didn’t make it from scratch, got it from Aldi… think it was around £1 for a packet.  Of all the popular Italian food, gnocchi is the probably one of the foods we eat the least in England and another example of how great potatoes can be. It’s basically a dumpling that can be eaten as a starter or instead of pasta. It can be made of potato (of course) or semolina or even polenta. But I don’t make it from scratch, maybe one day. 

A lot of people have to have sauce with pasta or their carbs but I eat it cold quite a bit so go with oils or lighter dressings – this is one of those type things. 

What’s in this – tiny tomatoes, broccoli, corriander, baby spinach, almonds, gnocchi. 


  • Cut up the tomatoes and broccoli into smallish pieces, cover in oil (I used sunflower) and put in a big dish and then in the oven BUT ON THE GRILL SETTING (180′ degrees ) for 5/10 minutes, until the veg is cooked to how you like. I liked it a bit overlooked & crunchy… 
  • take it out of the ovengrill and add roughly chopped fresh corriander and toasted almonds. (Some people don’t like corriander and I don’t understand) 
  • In a new pan add boiled water and  the gnocchi, boil for 3-5 minutes until it floats and then drain, let it sit for a minute. 
  • While it’s sitting put some oil in the pan and cook off 2 handfuls of baby spinach, keep stirring it or it will burn. Once cooked, it will go to a third of its original size and very dark. It doesn’t take very long 
  • Add the spinach and the gnocchi to the rest of the veggies and nuts and stir! 
  • It’s good with cheese…

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