24 thoughts I had during season 4, episode 10 of Orange is the New Black.


So I have seen Buzzfeed do posts like this, for Game of Thrones, so I thought I’d give it a try for ONITB. It seems that I thought episode 10 was the finale, and it turned out not to be – I have clearly been watching way too much Game of Thrones. Despite my mistake I’m going to write it up anyway…

I also watched it with my friend who hasn’t seen any of the series, so I thought his thoughts would be interesting. But it turns out he didn’t have very many…

  1. Must watch from the beginning. 
  2. The accents are terrible.
  3. I don’t want to know where that phone was. 
  4. Morgan Freeman is in everything though… 
  5. Not a fan of the stereotypes.

We did find out where the phone was – sorry! I don’t think he quite got the point… Oh well. Safe to say I had a few more thoughts… rather than being confused for an hour.

  1. Excited!! (When I thought it was still the finale). 
  2. Wait! She’s actually leaving. Something is going to happen to Daya!
  3. That is one bad nightie. 
  4. Shut up lady guard, we don’t care about you.
  5. *Explain to a confused friend why Bianca is stood in her own pee on the table.*
  6. Bloody hell Flores!
  7. That is a nice car…
  8. I want her hair. (Nicky)
  9. Crackhead, methhead – baaaaaaaad hair extensions. C’mon guys. 
  10. Nope, not seen The Whizz, or is it The Wiz, or Wizz?
  11. HAS SHE BEEN POISONED? Oh wait, no she ate a baby mouse… 
  12. *I had to explain that crazy eyes and Sofia are not the same person.*
  13. Oh dear, what a dress.
  15. He doesn’t care, shut up pleaseee. 
  16. Cringe…
  17. Suzanne, why did this not happen to you about 20 years ago?
  18.  Who has lightening bolts? It’s fireworks love. 
  19. I never want to have to leave prison. 😦 
  20. ‘It was up a nun’s vagina.’ 
  21. I wonder how long I could stand up for…
  22. Surely there wont be any fingerprints at this point?!
  23. It’s not the finale?! What!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Yay!

It’s ‘The Wiz.’

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