Latitude Cafe and Coffee House

I visited Lattitude on Friday morning, before work, looking for a sassy breakfast and coffee.

For those of you who are wondering, the Lattitude-longitude coordinates of this coffee house are, as follows 53.5080344,-2.3314359999999397, according to google.

The premises is just around the corner from where I live, so it was quite convenient for me. Otherwise it’s a good location – on one of the main roads from Manchester to Bolton, near the middle of Swinton and right near a bus stop. No doubt they get a lot of custom from the morning commuters. The premises used to be a kids clothing shop, so I was interested in how they had done converting it to a cafe, and the answer to that is very well! Big comfy chairs, and dark wood tables, sofas, cushions and a feature wall, I felt like I was in my mums front room! The decor was coupled with light music creating a very relaxed and homey atmosphere.

It’s safe for you to assume I ordered a latte. An EXTRA LARGE latte. My mugs at home are like buckets, so when I go somewhere and have a smaller brew I sometimes leave feeling like I’ve had half a brew. It was less than £3! And it was as big as my face!! (For the rest of the day, I kept telling people I had a coffee as big as my head.) The coffee itself was even tasting and just right. Super good value!

Food wise, we ordered cheese on toast with beans & a breakfast sandwich. It was simple and tasty. Breakfast is one of those things that you just shouldn’t mess with – don’t make it fancy or gourmet, it’s best left as it is & these guys delivered exactly that they advertised. A simple, hearty breakfast. The vast amount of mature cheddar made my morning too.

We were not hurried to pay the bill and left in our own time, full off coffee and cheese and happy! I took a loyalty card too – we will be back! 


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