#crapcooking 1, polenta bruschetta*

#crapcooking is going to be the category i use to document my cooking adventures and experiments at home. sometimes i like to try and create food delights. sometimes it works… and sometimes it doesn’t.

*bruschetta, an antipasto (starter/before meal course), we know to be grilled, oiled bread, with a variation of tomatoes and cheese. this was a bit different.

for those of you who know nothing, you should pronounce it ‘brus-c-etta,’ not’ bru-sh-etta.’

using Merchant Gourmet’s Polenta (Morrisons, under £1), the packet said to use 4 parts water to 1 part polenta  bring water to the boil and add polenta grain. it then said for firm polenta, to cook and stir continuously for 5 minutes, this i did while it bubbled quite violently at me! i used 1/2 cup of polenta grain, and 2 cups of water, with a tablespoon of lemon juice and a half tablespoon of chives. 

it then said to set the polenta but with little further explanation, so i scooped it all out of the pan on to some grease-proof paper on a baking tray and flattened it; and then left it to cool & go to room temperature for a couple of hours.

when i came back to it, it was kind of jelly-like, so i thought grilling it would make it harder, so grilled it for 10 mins on 200 degrees C, and it went a bit harder but was still jelly like. this didn’t really matter very much because bruscetta is really hard to eat with your hands anyway….

then came a bit of soft cheese spread on each piece of polenta, with mixed herbs. i then added a mix of diced baby tomato and iceberg lettuce (which had been tossed in olive oil and lemon juice) with some salt, pepper, balsamic glaze and more chives on top.

it was rather difficult to eat (definitely needed cutlery) and i probably should have put some parmesan on top, but i didn’t have any in… mental note to get some next time i go shopping… however the combinations were really tasty. hot polenta and cold salad, and the cheese and chives. the lemon juice added a fresh tasting kick too.


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